New year, new thoughts. Or perhaps just a new year. Have some images to post but first thought I would see if my account with WordPress even continued to exist. Apparently it does. More thoughts later.

I haven’t visited my own blog for quite a while. Last night we made Devil’s Food Chocolate cupcakes w/maraschino cherries which was great fun. They are a thank you to a friend who helped my husband with his Mercedes last week. What better way to say thank you than with chocolate? I mean really:)CupcakesHalloweenCakeYum

Apple Cake V

Made this over the weekend. Use up some of the apple bounty. Good stuff I thought but needs some cinnamon and nutmeg next time. I cut the fat down appreciably from the recipe as written. Made four mini loaves and is a nice simple apple bread recipe. I’ll be making this again with my modifications.



Is it too late to go home, get back in bed, and start all over again?

stuffzuccTonight I killed two birds with one stone by feeding my husband dinner using some leftover pork tenderloin and making a stuffed zucchini and fresh bread supper. Although he ate it without complaint I think it might have been just unusual enough to give him pause:) Fact is though that while my zucchini’s stuffed with garlic, onion, mushrooms, finely chopped zucchini, white cheddar, red sauce, breadcrumbs and an egg for binder might not be the usual fare around here they were extremely tasty. I think the DH was just a little twitchy about something so different. I thought they were awesome.

A few weeks ago I used a really simple recipe to try and make a cake for a friend’s birthday. It looked and smelled great until I tried to remove it from the pan. Utter disaster. I was madder than a wet hen. Oh, I hate kitchen disasters.  Incredibly aggravating. After the death of the would-be birthday cake I had to toss what was left of the cake and then scrubbed the kitchen just to get rid of some frustration!

After doing some research and receiving some excellent guidance on the Garden Web Cooking Forum I decided to try again last night. I did two things differently. First I sprayed the pan this time with the Pillsbury with flour spray and I did this RIGHT before I put the batter in the pan. I learned recently that in theory the spray can trickle down in the pan (of a bundt) leaving some areas kind of exposed and cause sticking. Anyway it was worth a shot. I am happy to report my cake came right out of the pan like nobody’s business. Yeah! Still needs to be frosted or glazed.


Today I am thankful to live in America and grateful for a lot of things. Be sure and say a prayer for all those who not only fight for our country but have lost their lives as civilians and soldiers.

The Dirt kitty


Last night my orange tabby went out for a little romp and stayed out all night long.  Because of the very present raccoon and skunk population we normally keep all three felines in at night.  He still had not showed up at 5 a.m. this morning but when I returned from my working walk at 6:30 he was trying to force his way in through the closed cat door. I guess you could he was a little anxious to get inside.  His face was a bit nicked up and all covered in cobwebs. Not sure what the little terrorist got into but I’m happy he made it home.

DSCF0619This wonderful smelling bread is in the oven right now. Hopefully it is as glorious as the reviews suggest. If it is food I plan on sharing one loaf with my neighbor who has promised me a pie with the apples growing from the tree in her back yard. I have good neighbors.