The Dirt kitty



Last night my orange tabby went out for a little romp and stayed out all night long.  Because of the very present raccoon and skunk population we normally keep all three felines in at night.  He still had not showed up at 5 a.m. this morning but when I returned from my working walk at 6:30 he was trying to force his way in through the closed cat door. I guess you could he was a little anxious to get inside.  His face was a bit nicked up and all covered in cobwebs. Not sure what the little terrorist got into but I’m happy he made it home.

DSCF0619This wonderful smelling bread is in the oven right now. Hopefully it is as glorious as the reviews suggest. If it is food I plan on sharing one loaf with my neighbor who has promised me a pie with the apples growing from the tree in her back yard. I have good neighbors.


Just completed Larry Correia’s first book ‘Monster Hunter International’ and it was excellent. Not too many people are keen on B-movies, ardently support the 1st amendment while also being extremely funny. Very refreshing combination. Now I’m on to ‘Strange Brew’ which is an anthology including authors Charlaine Harris and Jim Butcher. Can’t wait to dig into it.

At 13 years old and weighing in at 20lbs Bligh pretty much can and does do exactly as he pleases. The pleasures of being a ‘mature’ kitty I suppose.  He isn’t really a cat though. Just a very small person in a fantastic fur coat.